Monday, February 28, 2005

My Birthday Bash

It was around 11 pm on Saturday when I was just about to sleep, Sub-Zero (aka Subhojit) and Livin dropped by my place, and both fully prepared to kick me.

At 12, I cut the delicious Black Forest cake (from CCD), and before I could taste it Chinmay & Sub0 had spread a big piece on my face. They really tried hard to catch hold and give bumps to me, but I managed to save myself very well except the hard kick from Sub0. We chatted for about an hour and then I went to sleep.

It was lovely Sunday morning and before I could get up, started getting calls from people wishing me. Chinmay and I planned for a treat in the evening, @ Golkonda Chimneys, a restaurant on the way to ITPL. These guys were waiting for the evening eagerly. Livin, I heard you skipped lunch to make room for Tandoori Chicken. We reached there at around 8 pm, except Swaroop who was a little late by 90 minutes.

We had a scrumptious dinner at Golkonda and just when we were done with it, swaroop managed to join us.

Some of the Pix from the gr8 evening…

SB (aka Saurabh Bohra) with the famous G2

Ashok, Sub0 & Chinmay

The Dudes



Livin Stephen said...

I also skipped breakfast on Sunday and dinner on Saturday!

No-one gives me my due credit!

But, seriously, the TC was more than worth the khaara bath breakfast that I gave up!

Thanx, Azmi!

Azmi said...

Thanx for your tips, I will try to improve.

Achievement man @-)