Saturday, March 12, 2005

Plone is cool

This morning when I logged into our Corporate Intranet portal, I was taken by surprise seeing the cool new interface. Yes, we have migrated to Plone Content Management Framework.

Plone is built using Zope, an object oriented application server. The language that drives Zope and Plone is Python - the agile language preferred by Google, NASA, Industrial Light and Magic and many others.

I really like the easy to use interface of Plone. Now obviously I cant/shouldn't play around much with portal, so I thought why not try it out on my desktop. Downloaded the windows binary, installed with default options and here it goes, ready to use in 5 mins. No configuration changes/customization required just ready to use out of the box.

I am trying to put some content on it. Infact, I am planning to upload all the shared e-Books/docs that I have to this so that people don't bug me anymore for them. I personally liked the overall idea of Plone. Lets see how updated can I keep it.

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