Monday, May 23, 2005

Trip to Lake Tahoe

Yesterday, I went to Lake Tahoe with Rishi, a college friend. It’s one of the biggest lake I have ever seen. One of the website quotes

Lake Tahoe is often referred to as the perfect year round vacation and wedding destination with terrific weather and breathtaking scenery! Split down the middle by the California and Nevada border, Lake Tahoe boasts of over 300 days of warm sunshine, 396 inches of annual snowfall, 18 world-class ski and snowboarding resorts, incredible golf courses, fantastic hotels, casinos and of course, beautiful blue Lake Tahoe itself!

I started off from my hotel at Santa Clara early morning on Sunday for Roseville which is 2 hours drive and met Rishi there.

After getting fresh there, we started of for Lake Tahoe in his Ford Mustang.

The drive from Roseville to Lake Tahoe is just amazing. We stopped by at various places and got a couple of good snaps.

As were approaching there the wind outside started becoming chilly. Most of the drive from Roseville is in Hilly areas; therefore it took us close to 3 hours to cover 90 odd miles to Tahoe.

We reached there at around 11:30 and had brunch at McD. Next we proceeded towards
South Lake Tahoe Beach. This was an amazing mini beach.

Since the lake itself is about 50-60 miles from one end to the other, I could only see water and snow capped mountains in the line of my sight. We walked along side the beach and then on a wooden ramp which was about half a mile long inside water

and is used to get on to speed boats.

Next we proceeded towards Emerald Bay Beach, which is in the shape of a horse shoe and has an Island in the center.

Till this point I hadn’t touched the snow and was a bit disappointed about this as that was one of the main reasons to go to Lake Tahoe, but what I could only see was some Snow on Higher peaks. Rishi told me that when he came to this place 3 weeks back the whole place was altogether different, most of it covered with snow. We spent
2-3 hours here at the Bay admiring the beauty of the place.

Then we decided to proceed towards North Lake Tahoe thinking that we may find some snow there. As we kept going on Highway 89 alongside Lake Tahoe we reached a point where Highway 89 takes us back to Roseville/Sacramento, but we still dint find snow. By this time I was tired and a bit depressed about not reaching the Snow covered point, so I just pushed back/down my car seat and just felt asleep.

After about half an hour journey Rishi shook me saying he can see some Snow nearby and apparently we can go there.
We took the next exit to Salt Springs and what I saw here was just out of the world. One side of the road was completely Snow covered hills and the other side was a valley which had a flat area which looks like a frosted Lake. All this was amazing. We got down from the car at one point and started climbing the Snow Covered area till we were completely exhausted. We played in
snow for some time and then started our journey back to Roseville.

From Roseville I returned back to Santa Clara late at night. But this was really an amazing experience and later I found that this place can be much better at the time of snowfall.


Anonymous said...

Now I have heard of Lake Tahoe so much in the novels I read.Let me see if I can get to go there sometime


Azmi said...

n I suppose its the best time to be there.