Monday, January 30, 2006

Connected ... @ Home

The long wait to get a cable modem connection is finally over. Today
folks were kind enough to give me a call, while I went out to watch Rang De Basanti @ PVR ( Believe me this was the only time I went out this whole weekend.....waiting eagerly to get a connection rest of the time). i told them to wait till I get back. When I complained them I had been waiting too long(almost a month) and especially the whole weekend, the response was there are people who have been waiting for > 2 months.

But I think the long wait was worth it. I got a decent 256 kbps Cable Internet connection, which I have piped to a Netgear WGR614v4 Wireless router.

It seems it was a wise decision to go for unlimited connection as my usage has already crossed 100MB in last 5 hours......gosh !!!

Lets see how helpful this is going to be for me..... or am I going to kill my time sitting long hours at a stretch( like I am doing right now, its quarter to one am).

I just tried downloading Skype and Download Express shows the Download Speed to be 32,786 Bytes/sec which is 256.14 kbps ...... not bad, what else can one expect from a 256 kbps connection.

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